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Why Timeless Custom Decks Partners With Deckorators

Deck building is both an art and a science, requiring materials that offer durability, aesthetic appeal, and ease of use. In the competitive world of decking materials, Deckorators has emerged as a leading choice among deck builders.

What is Deckorators?

Deckorators is a leading brand in the outdoor living industry, specializing in designing and manufacturing innovative and high-quality deck and railing products.

The company offers a wide range of decking materials, balusters, post caps, and decorative accessories, providing homeowners and contractors with stylish and durable options to enhance their outdoor spaces.

Deckorators is known for its commitment to craftsmanship and creativity, offering both traditional and unique design options to suit various aesthetic preferences.

Deckorators Products

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Deckorators offers a comprehensive range of decking, railing, and accessory options designed to enhance and personalize outdoor spaces. Here’s a brief overview of their main product categories:

Composite Decking

  • Mineral-Based Composite (MBC) Decking: MBC decking, like the Voyage and Vault lines, offer unparalleled strength, minimal thermal expansion, and resistance to moisture. They are made with a blend of minerals, filler materials, and a polymer resin to create a durable and low-maintenance decking option.
  • Wood-Plastic Composite (WPC) Decking: Combining wood fibers with high-quality plastics, WPC decking, represented by lines like Vista and Venture, provides a durable and budget-friendly solution for outdoor decking.

Deck Railing and Balusters

Deckorators offers a variety of railing systems, including aluminum, cable, and glass, providing both safety and style. Their balusters come in multiple designs and finishes, allowing for a high degree of customization in deck designs.

Post Caps and Accessories

Enhancing the aesthetic appeal of decks, Deckorators’ post caps are available in various styles and materials. They offer a range of accessories like privacy screens, outdoor lighting, and lattice work for comprehensive deck customization.

Porch Flooring

Deckorators extends its product range to include porch flooring, which uses the same technology as their decking to provide a durable, low-maintenance surface for porch areas.

Outdoor Lighting

Deckorators also offers outdoor lighting solutions that integrate seamlessly with their decking and railing systems, enhancing safety and creating a welcoming atmosphere.

The Deckorators Difference

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Here are some of the reasons why deck professionals often choose Deckorators for their projects:

Unmatched Durability and Strength

Deckorators decking is renowned for its exceptional durability, thanks to the innovative Eovations technology. This patented technology is at the heart of their mineral-based composite (MBC) decking lines, like Voyage and Vault. It provides an unmatched strength-to-weight ratio and ensures minimal thermal expansion or contraction, which is critical for maintaining the integrity of a deck over time.

The unique process combines polypropylene and calcium carbonate, which is then pull extruded. The process creates air pockets within the deck boards, making them lightweight yet incredibly strong, similar to the structure of wood. Deckorators’ MBC decking is also resistant to moisture, rot, and decay, significantly enhancing its longevity and making it a reliable choice for various environments, including those in contact with ground or water.

Low Maintenance and High Aesthetic Value

One of the most significant advantages of Deckorators decking for both builders and homeowners is its low maintenance nature. Unlike traditional wood decking, Deckorators’ composite materials do not require regular sealing, staining, or painting. This attribute is particularly attractive to homeowners looking for a beautiful deck without the constant upkeep.

In addition to being low maintenance, Deckorators decking comes in a variety of colors and styles. 

Safety and Comfort

Safety is a paramount concern in deck construction, and Deckorators addresses this with their products’ enhanced traction. Deckorators Vault decking offers more than 30% more traction compared to other leading composite decking products. This is beneficial in regions with wet climates, where slip-resistant surfaces are much desired.

Comprehensive Warranty

Deckorators stands behind their products with robust warranty protections, which is a significant factor for both builders and homeowners. Their wood-composite decking is backed by a comprehensive 25-year Structural, Stain & Fade, and Limited Removal & Replacement warranty. More impressively, the mineral-based composite (MBC) decking comes with a 50-year Structural warranty.

Industry Recognition and Customer Satisfaction

Deckorators’ commitment to quality and innovation has not gone unnoticed in the industry. The brand has received multiple awards from organizations such as the North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA) and Qualified Remodeler. Such recognition, coupled with positive feedback from homeowners, further cements Deckorators’ reputation in the decking material market.

Ready to Build Your Dream Deck with Timeless Custom Decks and Deckorators?

At Timeless Custom Decks, we believe in transforming your outdoor space into a dream come true. That’s why we proudly partner with Deckorators, a leading innovator in outdoor living space solutions. If you’re envisioning a deck that combines unbeatable durability, stunning aesthetics, and low maintenance, Deckorators is the perfect choice for you.

Deckorators FAQs

Custom decks are tailored to fit your home’s and landscape’s unique specifications, offering enhanced functionality and seamless integration with your existing outdoor spaces.

Deckorators utilize Eovations technology, providing superior strength-to-weight ratio and virtually no thermal expansion or contraction.

Yes, certain lines of Deckorators decking are approved for ground and water contact, making them suitable for docks and other waterside applications.

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